It has been long since I was thinking whether to touch upon the North Africa migration to Europe. Subject in itself sparks a lot of emotions. On the one side we have a natural empathy towards people running from war and looking for peace. On the other side we have those who react angrily after seeing an attitude of newcomers.

Before we delve into this complex topic let us see where it all started.

Where migrants are running away from?

Libya is the first country we will talk about. Back in 2011 it had the highest standard of living among all African countries! Libyan purchase parity was about 35% higher than in the EU member Poland. I used 2011 estimate on purpose as after injecting a Western style democracy country was severely ruined. Gaddafi regime – against which the crusade was organised – definitely wasn’t perfect but it was a warranty of order and stability. Sin – one that could not have been forgiven – was an attempt to introduce a Gold Dinar as a replacement for petrodollar.

The second country people are fleeing from is Syria. For years the standard of living and the level of civil liberties were unquestionably lower than Libyan but Assad had the same advantage as Gaddafi. He was a guarantor of order. Tough one but a guarantor nonetheless. What was his sin? He effectively blocked a building of a pipeline enabling Qatar’s gas transit to Europe. Pipeline was important for political reasons as it could disrupt the Gazprom’s monopoly in Europe. Kremlin backs up Assad and will do as long as possible. Adding to this Russian base in Tartus (Syria) attempting to balance NATO forces in the region we can predict that this battle over Syria will continue. Neither Russia nor EU want to back down. Result? Syrians are running away from their lands.

Direction of the migration?

The biggest magnet for those who storm Europe is a welfare state. No other continent offers such a mammoth-size of ‘benefits for doing nothing’. The ultimate destination in Europe is Germany. From the eagerness of many it seems like this is truly the land of milk and honey. The more children - the more benefits you get therefore a motivation to find a job is proportionally decreasing until it quickly reaches a zero.

In a number of German towns indigenous population is becoming a minority! This problem is not only seen in Deutschland but also in France and Spain where Algerians or Moroccans are a statistical majority in several cities.

If anyone has a doubt that it is a welfare state being the definitive reason for this migration should ask himself/herself a question: Why these people are risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea, instead of just visiting Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Dubai? It is easier to assimilate as they share the same language, religion and culture.

Answer: none of the above mentioned countries give any welfare to non-citizens. There are some benefits available but no one can live off the state. If you are well educated individual and want to work here? No problem. If you merely think about getting welfare, turn around and keep walking.

Sudden explosion of immigration

One thing that is interesting for me is a sudden jump of immigration in the last months. Libya was bombed four years ago. Syrian civil war has been continuing for 3 years. No headlines talked about migration until July last year.

Why sudden change?

It is hard to get to Europe. Smugglers get few thousand euros per person. Getting all this money from a Syrian is extremely hard especially in today’s situation. I think someone is ‘subsidising’ smuggling all those people to Europe.

Why the EU does not see a tsunami of Ukrainians? They still have a civil war in the East Ukraine. Ukrainians and Poles share similar languages. Costs of getting to Poland form Ukraine is by magnitude lower than smuggling a Syrian or Libyan to any EU country.

How to explain strict airport controls (even inside Schengen zone) while accepting all unwarranted immigration to Europe?!?! Someone is aiming at disintegration of the Europe as we know it and the fall of a national sovereignty.

“The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states” – Peter Sutherland, the UN's special representative for migration (and by coincidence a non-executive chairman of the Goldman Sachs International)

Arabs help colonisation of Europe?

Europe has a serious demographic problem. Since 1980s’ a model of a standard family- 2+1 - is losing to Muslim immigrants from North Africa. Their model is 2+4(or more). Knowing those discrepancies in three decades we can be minority in our own continent.

With very modest estimates Germany is hosting over 800 thousand immigrants in 2015. To ‘help integrate’ cultural and religious immigration Saudi Arabia offered financing 200 mosques. Goal is to build one mosque per 100 German Muslims. Financing such projects Riyadh dumps the problem on others investing just a fraction of a percent comparing to what they would need to spend to help refugees at their own gates.

Who is migrating to Europe?

Another factor showing the level of organisation of this migration – to avoid the word ‘colonisation’ – is a migrant profile. Refugees from warzones are mostly women, children and elders. What we can see fleeing to Europe is by a clear majority young able men. Are those people running from civil war? I can’t buy that.

Serious difficulty is aggression and the entitlement attitude. In many refugee camps across Italy, Austria and Germany events of throwing away food is a common thing. Reasons vary from too much sugar to not being tasty enough or halal. Pardon me but if someone is really running away from war they are grateful and happy to receive any help they can get.

Eastern Europe – consequences

Although Eastern Europe countries (under the threat of withholding EU funds) are required to accept a given number of migrants, the problem is not that serious here. Countries of ‘the new EU’ are still behind the ‘old EU’ when it comes to an economy and a standard of living. It is hard to work here with job being taxed nearly as much as alcohol. On top of that money from welfare let you barely survive till 1st of each month – which is far from a comfortable life prospect. What is more languages in any of the Eastern Europe country is a nightmare to learn! Just like an example of Hungary – country is just a stop on the way of getting to Germany.

Solutions no one will use (for now)

Personally I have nothing against immigrants as long as they are productive and do not use the country in a parasitic relation of just sitting on welfare benefits. Regarding Europe, the problem can be solved pretty easily: it is enough to change availability of a welfare state only to the citizens of a respective country.

Do you want to come here? Don’t hesitate! BUT… you have to make a living for yourself! Any welfare is reserved exclusively for our citizens. If you want to become our citizen – learn the language, find yourself a job and show what you are made of!

Getting a work permit – against common misconception – is not that hard. The most important aspect is this: if you want to get our citizenship you have to respect the culture we have here and obey our norms and laws. You are just a guest here so don’t try to impose your mindset on us. Thank you.


You could say that Europe (with help of the US) has sparked this problem itself. How much of a prophecy words of Gaddafi were in 2011. "There are millions of blacks who could come to the Mediterranean to cross to France and Italy, and Libya plays a role in security in the Mediterranean."

Huge problem was the approach to immigration policy from the top EU leaders. The EU required its members to accept a set number of aliens. Those rebellious won’t receive funds or they could be even removed from Schengen. It is because of this policy people’s approval polls of the EU are rapidly falling.

Decisions enabling a massive flood of people into the Union will have dire consequences for the future. Last 15 years showed how big cultural differences are between Europeans and Northern Africans. They are big enough to impede an effective integration or assimilation.

Among immigrants there are ambitious, hard-working individuals who want to better their lives and find a well paid job. Unfortunately, we have real-life examples from France, Spain and Germany where an absolute majority of newcomers from dominantly Muslim countries are isolating themselves in enclaves that became ghettos with an organised criminal factor.


For now situation is still good. However, there is only few who have doubts that with more migration the number of conflicts between extreme right-wing and aliens will skyrocket. Question: will Brussels policy of strong-arming member states into opening for migrants be successful? Will we see a situation when one member state says ‘enough’ and leaves the EU (initiating its demise)? Eventually no one believed in the fall of the USSR in 1990 and we all know what happened.

Finally to squash all doubts I want to highlight that I am not against immigration. Myself having a lot of friends from Ukraine – both living in Poland and Spain. They are people taking care for themselves and their migration was due to their ambition to make a better living. Every one of them worked their back off to make it happen. Similarly you could have heard about two million of Poles hunting for job in the UK, Ireland, Germany or lately Norway. I am hands down against accepting people who plan to parasite on the welfare system and – as shown by Western Europe history – are not integrating in the society they are getting in.