I saw that you really liked first part of Mike's series. Here you can find second part. This one's focus in on "Seven Stages of Empire". By studying a history of money he highlights cyclical stages of state development. 

TL:DR version for those that are about to find time to watch the series in the future:
1. State start with relatively healthy money based on gold or silver.

2. State develops economically and socially. Great public works burden the budget.

3. State is growing and its political influence is rising. Increase in military spending.

4. Expansionary use of army. Military expenses drastic hike.

5. To finance war state is debasing its currency.

6. Loss of purchasing power is noticed by a society. Prices are rising and trust in currency is lost.

7. Massive transfer of wealth from currency to precious metals and other tangible goods. Currency collapses.

Again I want you to stay vigilant and think for yourself. Mike makes money out of selling gold and silver. Keep that in mind while watching.

Trader 21