Initially portal ( was in Polish and after three years it accrued over 400 articles. From its inception, it broke 10million views. Over 60 thousand people read articles here each week and 25 thousand of them are regulars. The Independent Trader materials are used by many websites and portals giving an alternative point of view on economic and finance world. I regularly give interviews to non-mainstream media and create webinars about investing. I am a consultant cooperating with the Adam Smith Centre and the co-author of “The Taxed Illusions” (“Podatek od złudzeń”).

I admit – I never was a top student.

What couldn’t be used in practice bored me. From my teenage years I felt that our education system was disconnected from reality I saw around me. I was a big pain in the ass for my teachers :)

Finally during my studies at the UW my opinion about education changed as I had more and more interesting people around me. Life circumstances made me drop my studies and start working. Being an employee wasn’t my dream so with the friend of mine we created our first company.

Bullseye! The company took off and we found ourselves employing more people. In 5 years we went from a rapid growth through controlled chaos to a corporate organism. The latter being a necessary evil. Meanwhile, I finished my MBA at the University of Illinois.

Eventually, companies I controlled employed nearly 50 people and turnover combined was just under 7 mln USD. After years of daily grind, I felt it’s time for a change. I sold all of my shares and began exploring the world. Visited 30 countries and lived in many places. Getting to know different cultures is a wonderful way to open your mind and give yourself a new perspective on reality.

Everything I have earned I invested, using my savings in the best way possible. It was in 2008 when I started studying the intricacies of financial markets.

I found blogging to be a good way to make my knowledge more systematic. With time, it occurred to me that what I’m doing is respected and appreciated by many and I should continue on this path.

Today I want my portal to be comparable to Bob Chapman's the International Forecaster. It was his work that has opened my eyes and I will be forever grateful for that.

Our polish portal - affiliated under Independent Trader brand - was distinguished as the best financial blog of 2015 during the FX Cuffs conference. Before that, we achieved 2nd place in ranking.