Until 29th October 113 companies of S&P 500 have already published their financial reports for the last quarter. A big number of them – 76% - presented better than expected performance. “Exceeded expectations” sounds very positive and is already a buzzword in the world of investment but we should take a look at it in the context of American reality.

Nazism would not have played a significant role in the XXth century without the bankers from New York and London. Financial elites executed the plan perfectly by taking over financial sector in Germany and consequentially political control over Central Europe.

Gigantic funds from both military and financial sectors. Unanimous cooperation of the mainstream media. Polls signalling only one possible result of this election. All of the above did not help Hillary Clinton to win. The new President of the United States is Donald Trump.

Only in few days, Americans will choose their new president. In my opinion, this election is one of the most important events in decades. Since Kennedy, you can see that the choice of candidates represented only the interests of the establishment. This time it may be different due to Trump’s promises to limit the dominance of the wealthiest 0.01% part of society. I do not believe he is the ‘saviour’ of the middle-class as he pretends to be. It is rather strategic of him to use growing discontent in the ever divided society. The drastic difference between 90% of American workers and top bracket is the main reason for dissatisfaction.

Romania removed over hundred taxes and charges

Only two weeks and both houses of Romanian Parliament agreed on a regulation to remove 102 taxpayer burdens (charges and taxes). Changes were accepted by leaders of all parties in the Parliament. Scrapped taxes were only waste of both time and money for our citizens - Liviu Dragnea, head of PSD party commented. With the intention to put more money in the pockets of the middle-class Romanian government started a fight with bureaucracy.

During the last 40 years, central banks have gained power they previously could only fantasize about. They were given full control over the currency supply and interest rates. These are the tools to plan booms and depressions. Thanks to such a great authority banks could create economic bubbles and their inevitable bursts. The result is one of the biggest capital migration in history from the middle class to 1% advantaged with access to particular data in advance.

The ECB embarrassment. Borrowing 18 EUR generates only 1 EUR of GDP growth.

Independently from the effectivity of printing machines the ECB owns, the Eurozone is still in a very bad economic condition. According to the ECB to create 1 EUR of GDP growth the economy has to borrow another 18.5 EUR through QE or to use fashionable buzzword – ‘stimulus’.

This year the ECB has printed already 600 bn EUR creating growth of 31 bn EUR. For reference, the amount of Greek debt is equal to 360 bn EUR.

It may seem like all the bankers and politicians have a very short memory as they are trying to continuously profit without changing their modus operandi. One of the methods used is to offer politicians cushy positions for their cooperation with financial circles. This setup benefits both sides and confirms that the government is not what decides about the future of a country.