Some time ago I posted an article about methods used by banks to influence and govern the world. Some of you may have put that between conspiracy theories. For proving my point I got my hands on very interesting report. “The Network of Global Corporate Control”. Prepared by Swiss organisation lead by James Glattfelder and Stefano Battistona. Since 2007 till 2011 they investigated capital connections from 43 thousand global corporations. Below I present their results.

From over 30 million companies found in the Orbis database they chose 43,060 supranational corporations from 116 countries. From these 40 thousand over 5 thousand operate in global stock exchanges.

Regarding animosities between rich north and poor, bankrupting south I would like to show you the blueprint that leads to countries being on the brink of collapse. We have to understand that so called ‘helping or saving Greece, Spain’ is nothing else but further, perpetual indebtedness of societies. Means borrowed from those ‘helplines’ are tunneled not to help citizens but banks and corporations. These banks and corporations were on the borrowing spree which is the cause of the whole problem and after they wasted money on uneconomical projects now they want more to cover their deficits.